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June 12, 2017

Father Rod Walton
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Today’s guest, Father Rod Walton, is a priest and bishop from the United Kingdom in a denomination known as the Old Catholic Church.   Father Walton is a pioneer in putting the revelations of near-death experience to work in comforting the bereaved, the terminally ill, and in dealing with depression in the families of those confronting death.  Father Walton runs the Bereavement Rescue Center in the UK and is the co-author of Bereavement Rescue with Near-Death Experience evidence, which he wrote with physicist  and Old Catholic priest, the Rev. Dr. Caroline Wilkins.  Before his calling, he served eight years in the London Fire Brigade and nearly 25 years in the Police Service in London. He had a supernatural experience in 1975 when he was 29 that led him to becoming a Christian with an early interest in near-death experience. 
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NDE Radio: Father Rod Walton
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Father Rod Walton
I served 8 years in the London Fire Brigade and nealy 25 years in the Police Service in Londond. I had a supernatural experience in 1975 when I was 29 and this led to me becoming a Christian. At that time, I started researching NDEs after reading Raymond Moody's "Life After Life" and also started researching the Turin Shroud at the same time. I went on to become the Police Christian Ministry Representative for my Force. I retired from the police in 1996.

When my Mother died in 2001, I found that my NDE research gave m a unique perspective on death and bereavement. This led to rapid healing and I realised I had a special formula for helping other people suffering from bereavement.I became ordained some time later, just after my Father also died. I was ordained as a priest through the Old Catholic Church line and am now a bishop in the Ecumenical Community Church +C. My ministry has been broad, but my specialisation is in bereavement, which I believe God has led me in.

I developed the concept of using NDE research to treat bereavement into a ministry called "Bereavement Rescue", in which I am assisted by one of my priests, Revd Dr Caroline Wilkins (a former physicist). Together, we have written a book "Bereavement Rescue with Near Death Experience evidence" and have built up a busy ministry helping both people in our local area and more broadly through the internet. We have had a plan for some time to build a Bereavement Rescue Centre where people can come when in bereavement to receive our specialist care, information and educational resources about NDEs and a holistic range of help including individual counselling, group therapy, weekend intensive support. We also intend the Centre to be a facility for educating professionals such as undertakers, church ministers, hospice workers, doctors and nurses regarding NDE research and findings and how this can be used to help the bereaved. The only thing we need to achieve now to open our Centre is the necessary funding. To this end, we are making a grant application this year, which we are very hopeful and excited about.

Bereavement Rescue