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May 20, 2019

A Return Visit with Robin Aisha Landsong
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Our guest today, Robin Aisha Landsong, has just returned from a second journey with her husband, John, to Zimbabwe, where she reunited once again with memories of her horrific experience and the friends who helped save her. Robin is a multiple near-death survivor whose brutal experiences, coupled with her NDE, opened her creativity and empathic knowing.

When Robin was eight years old, an American man abducted her and took her to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He eventually abandoned her to another man, from whom she escaped; facing certain death, she was fortunately adopted and cared for by the people of a small tribal village. But the danger did not end there. She was shot by a soldier, experienced an incredibly visionary NDE, and once again was forced to escape when the village was attacked and burned. On this show she continues the story of her personal quest to understand what happened to her there. If you haven't already listened to Parts One and Two of Robin's story, including her NDE when she nearly died, I suggest you click on our Past Shows button at NDE Radio for her interviews of March 6, 2017, and June 5, 2017. Today, Robin is a visual artist, medicine singer, cranio-sacral therapist and health intuitive. She has given many thousands of healing sessions together with her husband, John. They live in the state of Washington. Her beautiful book, Art Inspired by my Death Experience, can be ordered from her website,
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Robin Landsong
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