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February 08, 2016

Research Into NDE's
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Robert and Suzanne Mays have studied the phenomena related to near-death experiences (NDEs) together for over 35 years, although neither has had a near-death experience. Their research focuses on the phenomena connected with the out-of-body component of NDEs, especially veridical perceptions during an NDE, Neurological phenomena demonstrating the operation of the nonmaterial mind, with a focus on memory formation and recall, Verification and corroboration of specific cases veridical perceptions in an NDE, and Experiments on interactions of the human bioenergy field, such as in an energy healer or a phantom limb, with physical processes such as fluorescent materials and photographic paper.
Episode Segments:
NDE Radio: Robert and Suzanne Mays
Robert and Suzanne discuss their research, and talk about the things they have discovered from those who have touched the other side.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Robert And Susan Mays
Robert received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the MIT and worked in software development at Eastman Kodak and later at IBM for more than 30 years, where he achieved the level of Senior Software Engineer. In retirement, he taught high school chemistry for several years at different Waldorf schools in the U.S.

Suzanne received an Associate in Arts degree in medical secretarial science from Alfred State College. As a Certified Music Practitioner, she provided palliative care to patients at UNC Hospitals and Duke University Medical Center. She also teaches lyre privately and at the Emerson Waldorf School.

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