Friday • October 15
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The Generosity Expert
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Sharon Lapinski founded Change Gangs: Virtual Giving Circles because she wanted to help people who like to give money to causes they care about but donít have time to research the charity, donít feel their donation is big enough to make a difference, and end up wondering what happens to their donation after they make it. In a giving circle, small donations are pooled, leveraging your time and intellectual resources so that you can feel like youíre giving to the right place, thatís itís going to be used in the right way, and itís going to make a big difference.

She is a generosity expert known as the Donation Defender and a nationwide expert on Giving Circles and has created the largest electronic repository of information documenting the tools, strategies, and accomplishments of some of Americaís 800 giving circles.

Episode Segments:
Motivation with a Purpose: Sharon Lapinski

Our guest Sharon Lapinski is a donation defender and a generosity expert. She's here to tell us how to make our donations to charoty and non-profit groups more effective.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Sharon Lipinski
Throughout my life, I have donated to help animals, the environment, the homeless, the poor, the Food Bank, the Red Cross and more. You name it, and Iíve probably sent them money. Like many others in todayís economy, the few dollars I had left at the end of the month for philanthropy werenít making a significant difference for the causes I cared most aboutĖ until I discovered the power of giving circles. I'm dedicated to helping people make a big impact on the causes they care about most.