Friday • October 15
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Why Gun Control Won't Stop Gun Violence
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Gun control and Second Amendment rights are a hot topic these days and Donald C. Mann, a qualified expert witness in the area of ordnance issues, has a unique perspective to bring to the discussion.

Mann, a former research scientist in explosives and ordnance, worked on the guns for the Air Forceís A10 Warthog Aircraft, the Bushmaster 25mm main gun for the Armyís Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the 102mm cannon for the Abrams Tank, will weigh in on why gun control wonít stop gun problems and what is missing in the debate about guns.
Episode Segments:
Motivation with a Purpose: Donald C. Mann

A fascinating conversation about gun control in America and why it is not needed or necessary with Donald C. Mann. We also discuss his book OK God, Now What?, which is about Godís core principles for uniting your heart on God and producing success in every part of life
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Donald C. Mann
Donald C. Mann has been a guest on more than 45 radio shows. A scientist, author and business expert, he worked on the guns for the A10 Warthog Aircraft, the Abrams Tank, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and many others. In addition, he has served in senior management positions in the banking and chemical industries and is currently president and CEO of RiteMann Consulting. Mann has a BA in chemistry and an MA in science education-biochemistry from East Carolina University. His book is called OK, GOD, NOW WHAT: Activating His Ancient Secrets for Succes

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