Friday • October 15
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The Secret is You
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How do you bounce back from a low standard of living, a worrisome paycheck-to-paycheck existence, or even escape poverty? What does it take to dissolve money stress and discover your true purpose?

Before embarking on the small steps to prosperity and abundance, the formerly homeless and penniless Darlene Nelson asked herself those questions. Today she’s a famous financial role model. Learn about Darlene’s inspiring journey to wealth and success, and how anyone can achieve that transformation.
Episode Segments:
Motivation with a Purpose: Darlene Nelson

Does God want us to be rich? Is money the root of all evil, or are poor people sinners? An interesting conversation about wealth and scripture with our guest Darlene Nelson.
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The Secret Is You!
What if living your dreams and having a life full of passion and purpose were easier than NOT DOING IT? What if you discovered that it is just as easy, if not easier, to step up and be extraordinary? Living a life beyond your wildest dreams is so close to you, but like the nose on your face, you can’t see it unless you look in the mirror. THE SECRET IS YOU is your mirror to a phenomenal transformation.