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CRUDE: Chevron/Texacos Toxic Leadership Disaster Story
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Mr. Joe Berlinger, director of the new film CRUDE speaks with Dr. Henrik Mann about the power of movie in America to document the process of holding Chevron leadership accountable for a monstrous environmental disaster destroying the lives tens of thousands of people in Ecuador.
Episode Segments:
“Crude” Director Joe Berlinger Part One
Joe Berlinger discusses his movie career and what hes hoping to inspire with his films. He also discusses the difficulties in getting this film made, and why he views it at a human rights film.
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“Crude” Director Joe Berlinger Part Two
Joe talks about his relationships within the music industry, and how it led to the involvement of Stings wife Trudie Styler in the film. He also explains the goal of telling this particular story.
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“Crude” Director Joe Berlinger Part Three
Joe delivers his message to Chevron and the oil companies, and explains what this court case means to the rest of the world & also why we need to learn from these types of scandals in the marketplace.
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“Crude” Director Joe Berlinger Part Four
In our final segment, Joe & Dr. Mann talk about Americas addiction to oil, and whether or not big business is good for the environment. Also, a discussion on the Ecuadorian people- who are they & why they do matter.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Joe Berlinger
Joe Berlinger is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist and photographer, whose films include the celebrated documentaries Brother’s Keeper, Paradise Lost, and Metallica: Some Kind of Monster. n addition to his feature documentary work, Berlinger has produced and directed a great deal of television, both fiction and nonfiction, including The Begging Game for ABC News and PBS/Frontline and Where It’s At: The Rolling Stone State of the Union, an ABC primetime special created in celebration of the magazine’s 30th anniversary. Berlinger was the creator of the VH-1 series “FanClub,” and the Court-TV series “The Wrong Man.” He was the director of HBO’s Judgment Day: Should the Guilty Go Free, an unblinking look at crime and the U.S. parole system, and the Emmy-nominated Gray Matter, which chronicled his personal search for 86-year-old former Nazi Dr. Heinrich Gross, for Cinemax, CBC and France 2. Berlinger’s fiction television directorial credits include Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana’s groundbreaking series Homicide, among others, and he directed and co-wrote the feature film Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 for Artisan Entertainment.

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