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The Power of Illusion
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Maya has a gift for seeing where one is stuck. In her groundbreaking book The Power of Illusion, readers learn to see through illusion and change their reality. In her private one-on-one sessions, Maya helps clients release blocks that cause fear and a sense of disconnection which ultimately are the root causes of depression, loneliness, neediness, lack of self love, rejection of sexuality, suicidal tendencies, arrogance, pride, eating disorder, low energy, health challenges and addiction. All these experiences are in the negative polarity. Maya reminds us in the most gentle yet profound manner to light up the world with our love!
Episode Segments:
Touching the Beautiful Truth
Maya tells the story of how her path began, and of her spiritual awakening. She also discusses the first steps to raising yourself up, and what you are losing from the influences of your underlying fears.
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The Process of Truth
Maya talks about her journey to find truth, and the shadows and illusions that are keeping us from seeing our own truths. She also discusses accelerating your growth, fighting your underlying fears, and coping with the loneliness that may come with the process.
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Finding the Balance
Maya shares her insights into the different energies men and women possess, and how balancing those energies can help us evolve. Maya also talks about what you can expect from one of her sessions.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Maya Vidhya
Maya is devoted to releasing all fears and living in truth 100%. She lived 29 years on the hamster wheel of life, righteously blaming the world for all her suffering. Epiphany struck at age 30 when she was led to wonderful spiritual teachers and was firmly asked to look deep within. Change simply happened due to her determination to release all limiting thoughts and actions. She decided to clean up her act 100%.

Maya is a computer engineer who has worked in Corporate America for the last 10 years as Technical Lead and Project Manager. She currently lives in San Jose with her 13 year old son. She enjoys romance, food, painting, nature, music, dance, project management, and empowering people.

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