Thursday • October 28
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Astrology and Relationships
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Episode Segments:
Myrna Lamb Part One
Myrna talks about why she wrote her book and how she compiled her research. She also talks about the four elements, their influence on the Zodiac, and how certain signs interact with each other, personally and sexually.
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Myrna Lamb Part Two
Myrna explains the difference between charting and your horoscope, and how charting works. She also discusses rising signs and moon signs, and how they control how we interact with other people.
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Myrna Lamb Part Three
Myrna talks about her book and how it can help your relationship get out of the rut. She also reveals what certain signs prefer sexually, what the planets have to do with sex, and explains the astrological differences between lust and love.
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Myrna Lamb Part Four
Myrna discusses how she became interested and involved in Astrology, talks about color reading, and shares which colors can help with mood, romance, communication and more.
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Astrology, the ancient science of the zodiac, can predict with remarkable accuracy sexual preferences and compatibility. In "The Astrology of Great Sex," Myrna Lamb provides guidance on compatibility as well as the real-life sexual confessions of hundreds of survey respondents offering practical and fun insight into a lover's romantic desires.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Myrna Lamb
Myrna Lamb is a professional astrologer, with more than thirty years experience, overlapping a 20-year career in radio. On the air, Myrna has hosted a variety of call-in programs, first on astrology, then a general advice show, syndicated on NBC/Talknet, broadcast on 300 radio stations nationwide. Her next talk shows aired midmorning on media giant WGY in Albany NY, and then on WPRO, Providence RI. Currently, in addition to seeing clients and writing a series of sex and astrology books, her astrology talk show is on WPRO, and she writes a weekly astrology column. She holds Master of Arts degrees in teaching and psychology and has taught art on every level from pre-school through college, in private classes, public middle school and at Rhode Island School of Design.