Thursday • October 28
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The New Voice Movement
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Patricia welcomes Martha Randolph Carr and Shannon Lanier. Martha Randolph Carr, the New Voice of Middle America has formed a new idea in a speakers' bureau dedicated to the growing spiritual consciousness. The bureau was created to showcase talented speakers who have been giving standing-room-only presentations on all aspects of life: aging, motivational, parenting, creating rituals, healing - from a spiritual perspective. Shannon is one of these outstanding speakers who help audiences recognize their truest self and awaken to a new world community. These two are also descendants of Thomas Jefferson's family from two different lines. Martha is descended from Thomas' sister, Martha Randolph and Dabney Carr and Shannon is descended from Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings and today, they are cousins and neighbors in New York City.
Episode Segments:
Martha Randolph Carr and Shannon Lanier - Part One
Martha discusses how and why she developed founded the New Voice Speakers, and the vision she has for the speakers bureau. Martha and Shannon also talk about how they met, and how they are related to Thomas Jefferson.
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Martha Randolph Carr and Shannon Lanier - Part Two
Martha and Shannon discuss the difference between competition and collaboration, and why the collaboration method is so important to the work that they are doing.
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Martha Randolph Carr and Shannon Lanier - Part Three
Martha discusses her experiences working in the White House, and explains why politics could use more collaboration instead of competition. Martha and Shannon also have more details about the New Voice Speakers.
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Martha Randolph Carr and Shannon Lanier - Part Four
Martha and Shannon talk about the wide array of speakers their bureau has, and the wide range of topics they cover. Shannon also shares some of his favorite speaking topics.
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Learn More About The New Voice Movement
Martha Randolph Carr has been sharing a message of spirituality and change in an era of amazing growth and possibilities. Carr has formed a place where other speakers and larger audiences who are looking to share the new messages of empowerment can come together.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Martha Randolph Carr
Martha Randolph Carr is the creator and executive director of the Shared Abundance Foundation and the Family Tree Project, which is working to reunite alumni of U.S. orphanages. Carr is also a national columnist for the Cagle syndicate, ( and the author of “A Place to Call Home,” a memoir about U.S. orphanages. Carr is also the author of the film scripts “A Cardboard Fable” and “Wired” and the novels “Wired” and “The Sitting Sisters.” Carr, a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, now lives in New York City near her cousin, Shannon Lanier, a Hemmings' descendant as they work to recognize all of their family. Carr also has a grown son, Louie who lives in Chicago.

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Shannon Lanier
Shannon Antonio Lanier is co-author of “Jefferson’s Children; The Story of One American Family.” As a 9th generation descendant of President Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings he has traveled the country spreading a positive message of a multicultural country and working through family and societal pain. As an African American believer in Christ, Lanier also loves sharing techniques and secrets behind living a God Filled Life while surviving the 21st Century.

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