Thursday • October 28
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The Secret of Divine Relationships
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Patricia welcomes Janae B Weinhold, PhD & Barry K. Weinhold, PhD, co-founders of the Carolina Institute for Conflict Resolution and Creative Leadership and authors and co-authors of 31 books including The Flight from Intimacy: Healing Your Relationship of Counter-dependency- the Other Side of Co- dependency. They will discuss their concept of the matrix and the secret of divine relationships
Episode Segments:
Defining the Divine Relationship
Janae and Barry Weinhold explain the divine relationship; what it is and how we can create it. They also explain their concept of the matrix.
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Creating the Divine Relationship
Barry and Janae give some of the ingredients that are needed to create the divine relationship, including not avoiding conflict, and breaking family habits. They also explain where love and romance fits in, as well as why they feel the divorce rate is so high.
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Sex & The Divine Relationship
Barry and Janae talk about where sex fits into the divine relationship. Barry also discusses how subconscious patterns affect our relationships and how our childhood impacts our adult relationships.
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Breaking Patterns
Barry and Janae explain co-dependence and counter-dependency and how you can identify it in your relationship. They also discuss how you can recognize the patterns from your own family, and keep them from affecting your relationships.
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The Flight From Intimacy
This book describes the flip side of co-dependency. The Flight from Intimacy shows readers how to recognize and cope with counter-dependent people. And if you recognize yourself in the description above, this book will help you learn how to change. It teaches readers how to use committed relationships to heal childhood wounds and provides proven ways to use conflicts as opportunities for creating intimate, partnership relationships.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Barry & Janae Weinhold
Barry and Janae are devoted partners, parents of four children between them, grandparents of three, lifelong teachers, cosmologists, developmental psychologists and licensed mental health professionals. As part of their quest for higher consciousness and their desire to understand evolution at all levels, they have traveled extensively, lived abroad twice and studied a broad array of topics and subjects that helped them create Developmental Systems Theory, Developmental Process Work and the Partnership Way of resolving conflicts. Their discovery of Developmental Trauma and its impact on the evolution of individuals, couples, families, groups, cultures, nation-states and the human species provided them with a unique lens for viewing, understanding and modifying the underlying templates that guide these interlocking systems. Their research comes out of their "laboratory;" their personal development and their 23+ year relationship, their many years of teaching at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, their clinical work with clients and their interactions with their families-of-origin. In 1987 they co-founded their nonprofit, tax-exempt institute, now the Carolina Institute for Conflict Resolution Creative Leadership , where they house their diverse array of interests, programs and projects: children's mental health, the Kindness Campaign, eBooks on Breaking Free of the Matrix, training for mental health professionals, coaching and therapy intensives and many of the nearly 40 books they have authored or co-authored on co-dependency, counter-dependency, conflict resolution, family counseling, relationships and developmental psychology. Barry and Janae live in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.

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