Thursday • October 28
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Linnea Star
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Join Patricia Raskin when she interviews Linnea Star, host of the radio show Beyond Reason, who has been a professional medium for years, and has devoted her life to helping others achieve spiritual connection and peace of mind. She will discuss how she is able she’s able to bring closure and serenity to clients who have lost loved ones and helps people understand the eternity of the soul.
Episode Segments:
Linnea Star Part One
Linnea tells Patricia about how she learned she was a medium as a child, and how she is able to communicate with the deceased.
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Linnea Star Part Two
Linnea talks about the best and worst parts of being psychic, and demonstrates her amazing abilites with a reading of a caller.
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Linnea Star Part Three
Linnea explains what death means from her perspective. She also assists Patricia in communicating with a loved one.
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Linnea Star Part Four
Linnea talks why this is a great time spiritually to be alive, and also shares the message behind her work.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Linnea Star
Linnea has displayed an amazing metaphysical understanding of the Universe since early childhood. When Linnea was a little girl, her grandmother remarried. On the day of the wedding, Linnea was upstairs in her grandmother's new home. Several pictures and portraits hung on the walls. A woman appeared and told Linnea that she was the mother in one of the pictures. She further explained that her name was Mary, and that she died before Linnea was born. Mary also stated that "her spine was healed". Mary wanted everyone to know that she knew her children now had a mother on Earth. Linnea's grandmother came upstairs and asked who she had been talking with. When Linnea told her, her grandmother related that her new husband's late wife was named Mary, and that she had died from cancer of the spine before Linnea was born. Linnea is able to converse with the Spirit World in many different ways. She is well versed in clairaudience (hearing the messages that are being conveyed), as well as precognition (the prediction of the future).

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