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High Altitude Leadership
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Join Patricia as she interviews Don Schmincke, founder of SAGA Leadership Institute and co-author of High Altitude Leadership: What the World's Most Forbidding Peaks Teach Us About Success.

Listen and learn from Don when he discusses how he and co-author Chris Warner, mountain climber, entrepreneur and Emmy nominated filmmaker, help people and businesses to identify what fears hold them back and the traits and techniques to achieve success and profitability.
Episode Segments:
Don Schmincke Part One
Patricia talks with Don Schmincke about leadership, and what the greatest leaders have in common. Don offers real-life examples of how lesson learned from mountain climbing can translate into business success.
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Don Schmincke Part Two
Patricia and Don talk about the reasons that the most dangerous part of a mountain expedition is not the climb, but the trip back down the mountain. Don explains how that principle relates to business leadership.
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Don Schmincke Part Three
Don talks about the effect that stock prices, business news and other trends have on the effectiveness of CEOs and how their performance is perceived from the outside. He also explains why lone heroism is a dangerous attitude among CEOs.
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Don Schmincke Part Four
Don offers his final thoughts about the secrets of leadership and why many CEOs have a hard time avoiding failure.
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High Altitude Leadership

"Using harrowing first person accounts of life and death on the mountaintop, Chris Warner and Don Schmincke pinpoint eight lessons leaders need to learn to reach the highest peak of success in business. Dare to be a high altitude leader. Read this book!"

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Don Schmincke
As author of the unusual CEO bestseller The Code of the Executive and co-author of Taking Charge: Lessons in Leadership, Don's groundbreaking work have been published in 10 languages, endorsed by the top leadership experts, and featured by CNN, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. A graduate of MIT and Johns Hopkins University, his controversial and provocative approach uses anthropology and evolutionary genetics to dispel "program-of-the-month" management theories on leadership, strategy, change, and marketing while offering unique and astonishing alternatives for driving high-impact results consistently. Remarkable, thought-provoking insights and presentation style has allowed Don to become a leading global authority and a top speaker for the world"s largest CEO organization. His challenging yet refreshing approach is the result of 20 years of research and extensive travel throughout the world including the former Soviet-bloc, Indonesia, Africa, and Asia. Don founded the SAGA Institute to help executives accelerate business performance and is the only Institute in the world licensed for his patent-pending methods. He has hosted the Executive Insights cable series and The Leader's Code radio program.

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