Saturday • June 15
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Higher Standard Leadership Beliefs I Hold Dear
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Dr. Henrik Mann celebrates half a year of OUR GLOBAL HOPE shows by having his co-host, Dr. Charlie Self, interview him on the key ideas and beliefs that comprise his leadership philosophy and inform his business, media, advocacy and leadership consulting commitments.
Episode Segments:
Dr. Mann's Leadership Principles
Dr. Henrik Mann discusses valuable leadership principles with Dr. Charlie Self. They begin by talking about the triple bottom line that effective leaders need to look for and what builds dignity in a person.
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Fear vs. Inspiration
Drs. Mann and Self talk about the differences in leading by fear vs. by inspiration, and the importance of partnerships. They also talk about using difficulties as learning experiences.
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Non-violent Engagement with the World
Dr. Self asks Dr. Mann about his principles of non-violent engagement with the world and whether it is the same passivity. They also talk about global opportunities to profit by working across cultural and social lines.
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Dr. Mann's Core Beliefs
Dr. Mann wraps up the show with his core beliefs that guide him each day as a leader in caring for the world.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Henrik Mann
Fulfilling his public calling as "a man for others," Dr. Henrik Mann seeks to embody a tradition of both critical reflection and effective practical action.

In the realm of commerce, Dr. Mann is founder of GenCom International, LLC, a global management consultancy and commercial loan brokerage. He has earned a CA Real Estate Brokers' license, and works with a team of consultant associates in Hong Kong, England and the US to identify and broker construction funding on large commercial projects, and facilitate the sale of businesses and commercial projects, both domestically and overseas.

Dr. Mann is also founder of the Tri-Valley IMC Consultant's Forum, a collaborative leadership, networking and education resource sponsored by the Institute of Management Consultants Nor Cal for growing the professional skills and connecting over 100 professional consultants with work opportunities in the East San Francisco Bay Area. He is also founder of the Global Witness Forum, a web 2.0 platform dedicated to helping facilitate strategic philanthropy through promoting the services of international development consultants. Dr. Mann's professional portfolio includes successfully serving as a community builder in the trenches of ethnic and economic diversity for more than a decade as an ordained Protestant minister in various local church leadership roles. He has also provided capacity-building consultation to non-profits, and more recently enjoyed a teaching stint as an Adjunct professor at California State University East Bay's School of Business and Economics.

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