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21st Century Global Issues - Human Trafficking
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Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Mr. Francis Sealey, Chair of GlobalNet21 and the original founder of 21st Century Network, a UK based issues advocacy group seeking to build social space for good global citizenship related to resolving the major global issues of our times, and Dr. Carrie Pemberton Ford of the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking.
Episode Segments:
21st Century Network’s Francis Sealey
In part one of our conversation, we learn more about Francis Sealey & his passions. We then discuss the internet, its free exchange of ideas, and how it holds leadership more accountable.
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About the 21st Century Network
Mr. Sealey relates the story of the 21st Century Network; how it was started, what it’s mission is, and his greatest accomplishments so far. Our conversation then turns to the topic of human trafficking.
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Human Trafficking
Dr. Carrie Pemberton Ford of the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking explains the international issue of human trafficking, and why it is such a difficult problem to address.
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Final Thoughts
Dr. Mann & Mr. Sealy give their reaction to Dr. Ford’s interview, and discuss what can be done to raise awareness of this issue.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Francis Sealey
Francis Sealey is the Chair of GlobalNet21 and the original founder of 21st Century Network. He was a Producer and Executive Producer for many years working for both the BBC Open University and the Community Programmes Unit. He has been active in politics and community action for most of his life, being a Parliamentary Candidate in 1974 and founder and activist in a number of social & community networks. He developed a community network in North London in the late 1970’s that eventually became a community programme employing over 300 unemployed people. Since 1993 he has been a freelance producer working with a number of training, public and voluntary organisations. In April 2007 he founded 21st Century Network

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Carrie Pemberton Ford
Dr Pemberton Ford is the Development Executive for the Cambridge based Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking, (CCARHT) a multi disciplinary forum for the development of expertise in counter trafficking across the several streams of trafficking which are currently extant in the UK and recognised by the UN as gross violations of Human Rights. In her former work as the founder and Chief Executive of the counter Trafficking Charity CHASTE – Churches Alert to Sex Trafficking Across Europe ( from 2003-2008 Carrie enabled the creation of a network of housing providers which catered for one third of the provision of safe housing for survivors of Sex Trafficking during 2006-2008. Some of the case studies and the voices of those who partook in this journey are gathered in the volume Not for Sale: Raising Awareness Ending Exploitation (2007) Carrie also inaugurated Not for Sale Sunday in 2007 as a point in the churches cycle of prayer when particularly those who have been forced into prostitution and those suffering from the effects of forced labour can be remembered and actions undertaken to address the cultures of demand. Carrie wrote The Real Scandal of Sex Trafficking (2008) to support this initiative for churches which has been picked up in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa as well as the United Kingdom. Both books are available on Amazon. A Senior Research Associate at the Centre of African Studies in the University of Cambridge, Dr Pemberton Ford has written dozens of articles on trafficking particularly in relation to enhancing the capacity of NGO and faith sectors to provide resilience against trafficking in countries of both supply and demand. Carrie has built a global network of those who have a passion to see ignorance around trafficking dispelled, and the drivers of the trade dismantled. The Centre which is now being developed in Cambridge will enable the channelling of world class research alongside the work of practitioners in the field, to create a very powerful route through to some new solutions to the age old abuse of power across nations, age, gender and ethnicity which is played out in the modern tale of trafficking.

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