Thursday • November 30
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Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership
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Dr. Henrik Mann interviews Ms. Joyce Bone, consultant, author, speaker, and national entrepreneur on the topic of millionarie moms and how leadership can balance work and home concerns in the 21st century.
Episode Segments:
Millionaire Mom Joyce Bone: Part One
Joyce discusses her experiences managing a business and a family, and also explains how her upbringing taught her the meaning of success. She also shares some memories of her mother, and talks about the importance of using a support system.
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Millionaire Mom Joyce Bone: Part Two
Joyce talks about her book & website, and the goals behind them. She also talks about the balance between business goals and family goals while running a business, and the effect her success had on her marriage & family life.
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Millionaire Mom Joyce Bone: Part Three
Need money to start your business? Joyce explains why the key to getting those start up funds may be creativity. She also shares some of the money lessons she has learned, and also taught to her kids.
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Millionaire Mom Joyce Bone: Part Four
In the final part of our conversation, Joyce gives some tips on how to get your business started, talks about how having kids can help your business, and also talks about some of the unique insights she’s gained since starting Millionaire Moms.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Joyce Bone
Joyce Bone is an accomplished businesswoman and sought-after speaker who is recognized nationally for her expertise in entrepreneurship and real estate. She has been featured on CNBC's "The Squawk Box"; profiled in Money, Kiplinger's and Millionaire Blueprints; is a regular contributor to Glow and Southern Savvy magazines; and plans to launch her book on millionaire moms early in 2009. As an entrepreneur and mom, Joyce has created several successful businesses while raising her three boys with her husband, Alan. At 28, she co-founded EarthCare, a private, services-industry company that within eighteen months was trading on NASDAQ (ECCO) and ultimately achieved $125 million in annual revenues. In her current venture, Millionaire Moms, Joyce's has found the perfect vehicle to combine her business acumen with her passion and enthusiasm for helping others to achieve their goals and dreams. The Millionaire Mom's membership site is designed specifically for the one in ten adult women who are business owners—particularly those facing the challenges of raising a family and a business at the same time. The site offers members not only a forum for sharing experiences, insights and inspiration with other entrepreneurial moms who are growing their own businesses; it also provides concrete, nuts-and-bolts advice from millionaire moms who have "been there, done that" and achieved phenomenal success in the process. Joyce's mission with this endeavor? To help each woman who wants it to become accomplished and profitable in her own venture . . . one family at a time.

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