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August 02, 2021

The NDEs of Dr. Rynn Burke & Jean Barban
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The NDEs of Dr. Rynn Burke & Jean Barban
This week, Lee reads the written accounts of NDEs experienced by Dr. Rynn Burke & Jean Barban.

Rynn Burke, MD, RN was a brilliant internist and board certified in Pediatrics, Hospice & Palliative Care, and as a medical specialist in HIV, she adored empowering patients. A survivor of severe child abuse, Rynn fought neuroendocrine carcinoma since age 18, breast cancer, and finally myeloma. Initially she was a Pediatric ICU nurse at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. In 2002, In addition to being trained in Western medicine, Rynn was an herbalist and Native American healer. Dr. Burke passed away on April 24, 2021 from multiple cancers. She was best known for inspiring others to fight fiercely for love.

Jean Barban is a professional artist, with her works on display in galleries from the Midwest to Colorado. She has traveled to her favorite national parks pursuing her passion as a wildlife photographer. Jean's heart had been attacked by a virus and over a period of years had deteriorated.

She received a heart transplant, and not a day goes by that she is not grateful. For Jean, every day is a gift.

Read the entire Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (NIB) NDE Symposium in *VOICES, Healthcare After a Near-Death Experience, originally published in MUSE by John Hopkins University Press, Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 2020. To read the NDE Symposium commentary article written by Lilia Samoilo & Diane Corcoran, Ph.D, Closing the Medical Gap of Care for Patients Who Have Had a Near-Death Experience, please visit, VOICES p. 51-6.

*VOICES includes three commentary articles and all 18 accounts of NDErs that participated in the NIB NDE Symposium.

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