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July 13, 2020

More with Lilia Samoilo
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More with Lilia Samoilo
Our return guest, Lilia Samoilo first visited with NDE Radio on our Sept. 23, 2019 show. Lilia was an NDEr by the age of three. Since then, she has had numerous NDEs and STEs that have inspired her to the service of others, and to help raise global awareness about NDEs and STEs. Lilia has worked as a mental health and spiritual counselor and as a medical and spiritual intuitive for over 35 years. She has served as an Int'l Veteran NDE Advocate & NDE Educator, and as an associate of Dr. Corcoran's Vet NDE Project. She recommends a set of books called The Saint Germain Series. Email her at to request a free copy of her story and the link to read the first three volumes free.
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