Tuesday • February 27
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Undoing the Ego
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Keith and Sharmais guests are Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Viera, authors of Take Me to Truth; Undoing the Ego. Nouk and Tomas offer a profound and practical road map to undoing the only block we have that keeps us from experiencing consistent peace, love and joy. They describe the challenge we all face which is the uninvestigated me also known as the ego.
Episode Segments:
Undoing the Ego - Part One
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Undoing the Ego - Part Two
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Undoing the Ego - Part Three
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Undoing the Ego - Part Four
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Nouk Sanchez
Australian born, Nouk Sanchez has always been driven to seek the Truth, expose it and simplify the pathway for others to follow. Initially, this drive led her to become internationally recognized within the cosmetic industry. Nouk pioneered a revolutionary concept for “esteem-enhancing” cosmetic application. Her holistic Feature-Focusing technique was aimed at giving all women over the age of twenty-five years the opportunity to look their very natural best. Her findings led to publication of a book and the formation of her cosmetics company. Having blazed a pathway in cosmetics, Nouk retired from the industry to live in New Mexico, and dedicated herself to pursuing and teaching ego-release. In 1990, after being introduced to A Course in Miracles, Nouk and her small spiritual family embarked upon learning the Six Stages of the Development of Trust. The fifteen-year journey of awakening led her to experience and understand the mechanism of the ego - how, why, when and where we sabotage ourselves. Nouk learned how to enter the void, hold the faith and see the face of Truth. Her discoveries led her to simplify A Course in Miracles’ miraculous formula for removing the obstacles that obscure Love’s presence in our daily lives. A simple and powerfully transformative, six-stage spiritual navigation guide is the culmination of her work.

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Tomas Vieira
Tomas Vieira, was born in Hong Kong of Portuguese heritage and lived in Canada and the United States before settling in Australia. A “Jack of all trades”, his career has alternated between the private and the not-for-profit sectors. For the past 6 years, Tomas has been employed in the field of regional development. He has always had an interest in personal development, conducting life skills and personal development courses in communities for the past twenty years. His strong commitment and desire to grow with his family led to an almost total deconstruction of his life and belief systems. Everything was turned upside down and inside out. When he finally emerged from this process he realized that his journey paralleled that of Nouk Sanchez in terms of the very clear stages involved in awakening. Like Nouk, he realized that there was no simple guide available to explain the process of undoing the ego and discovering Truth. As a result, he embarked on a collaboration to write this book.

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