Monday • April 15
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Dr. Erin Stair
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Necie welcomes Dr. Erin Stair, a physician and health consultant who runs Blooming Wellness, a holistic health and wellness consultation service and blog. She is affectionately known to her patients as Dr. Eeks. She will discuss her new book Manic Kingdom: Based on a True Story, a compelling book, based on a true story, about one doctor-to-be’s struggle with mental illness and finding recovery in highly unusual, dangerous places.

In addition, we will be discussing ZenBand & ZENTone Sound Therapy.
Episode Segments:
Dr. Erin Stair
A curious soul passionate about promoting natural health & wellness, with an inner fire for empowering individuals to take charge of their health, make positive lifestyle changes and live happier lives. She has a fondness for blogging about her health and wellness adventures.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Dr. Erin Stair
She grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania called Trucksville, where there are more cows than people. She was her high school valedictorian. (No, she wasn’t the only non-cow in her high school.) She played soccer her entire life and was recruited to play soccer at West Point, the U.S. Military Academy, was nominated by both Senator Santorum and Congressman Kanjorski & somehow went and survived. She graduated with a dual degree in chemistry and environmental engineering and did cool research on plants that ate lead bullets. As an upper classman, she “was forced to teach” close quarter combat and bayonet to cadets. ( You never know when you might go back in time and are forced to “fix bayonets” and fight the Civil War.) She credits a good sense of humor, great friends and a lot of insanity for getting her through. Oh, and ditching her birth control glasses ( Army-issued glasses) for contacts was key for qualifying on the rifle range, a graduation requirement. ( Her glasses fogged up something fierce otherwise.) Claims to fame: A spirit mission that involved scaling the Army Football Stadium and stealing the “Spicy Italian Sausage” sign, followed by a low-speed chase by the MPs; painting the female latrine “military” hot pink in Bradley Long Barracks; accidentally dropping a live grenade a few inches from her; dating the underclassmen. In short, Erin started as a nonconformist and graduated as a nonconformist, so even the US Army and years of hazing failed at changing her.

After learning how to kill people, she felt a karmic imbalance. To correct that, she eventually enrolled in medical school to learn how to save people. She hated it. Realizing that people needed to do more for themselves before they ended up with chronic health issues in the hospital, she received the Global Health Leadership scholarship from NYU and went on to earn a Masters of Public Health from New York University’s School of Public Health, and that’s when she fell in love with NYC and decided to stay (for now.)

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ZenBand & ZENTone Sound Therapy

What’s a ZENBand?
In general, the ZENBand is a relaxation and anxiety-reduction tool. The ZENBand is a headband, with removable flat headphones that plug into your phone and an eye-mask all in one. Unlike regular headphones, the speakers are extremely small and flat,with good sound quality, that do not put pressure on your ears, in your ears or hurt your head while resting.

Popular uses of the ZENBand are for: napping, hypnobirthing, mediating with sounds, listening to affirmations, anxiety relief, sleeping, traveling and flying.

ZENTones are a form of sound therapy. Each of our programs was designed by a team of doctors and researchers, and rooted in the science of specialized sound sequencing, binaural acoustics and iso-chronic tones. These scientifically-selected sounds are arranged in a specific sequence to create your desired mental state.

ZENTones are NOT music nor are they “music therapy.” They are not medical treatments. They are holistic, natural, effective and noninvasive approaches to common human problems, like stress, depression, inability to fall asleep, inability to focus and anxiety.

They should not replace the advice of your doctors or your current medication. They require headphones to work.