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August 19, 2014

The Healing Power of Forgiveness
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Join us for an in-depth discussion on the Healing Power of Forgiveness. Our featured guest, Terri Lomax, the Founder of Mocha Girls Pit Stop Blog. We chat with us about her journey to forgiving her verbally and physically abusive mother. Are you having trouble with forgiving someone that has wronged you? Than you don't want to miss this live episode!!!
Episode Segments:
Healing Conversations: Terri Lomax

Terris lifelong desire to help others was birthed from a place of hurt and pain. Her mom was verbally and physically abusive throughout Terris childhood. Terri developed a deep seated self-hatred that affected every area of her life. When Terri was 17 years old, her father died suddenly in the hotel room on their family vacation, Terri found herself depressed, hopeless and suicidal. Her personal story of triumph over tragedy inspires youth to overcome lifes obstacles and turn their pain into purpose.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Terri Lomax
My name is Terri Lomax and Iím a blogger, youth speaker and author. Iím sure I look pretty happy in the picture to the left, but my desire to empower women to achieve their goals and overcome low self-esteem, was birthed from a place of hurt and pain. I grew up in an abusive household where my mom was physically and verbally abusive. As a result, I developed a deep seated self-hatred that negatively affected every area of my life. Often times I walked around with a smile plastered on my face, but on the inside, I was in turmoil. It took almost 20 years for me to learn the value of self-love and to realize my worth as a human being, let alone a black woman.

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