Tuesday • February 27
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The Relationship Power Trip with Guest, Dr. Charles Rawlings
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Do nice guys finish last?

Do women cast aside generous, attractive and accomplished men in favor of bad boys?

Are our intimate relationships nothing more than power trips in disguise?

Do all men secretly search for “back-alley” sexual encounters with prostitutes because they prefer no strings attached, no-intimacy sex.

Dr. Rawlings says yes!

If that’s not bad enough, he says that all women are prostitutes who trade sexual favors in return for material gain and security.

He advises men to just date escorts because a night with an escort costs less than a typical date, sex is guaranteed and, and buying escorts includes buying the right to send them home!

Listen to this amazing interview, in which I surprise Dr. Rawlings by revealing his own obvious childhood trauma. I go on to explain that his "theories" are a disguise for his own emotional injury.

Join me for what promises to be a very heated and eye-opening discussion with Dr. Rawlings on the relationship between power and love.

Episode Segments:
ASk Dr Love: The Relationship Power Trip

Dr. Love tackles the controversial and misogynistic love advice in Dr. Rawlings' new book. He writes that our intimate relationships are nothing more than power trips in disguise. He also believes that behind the degeneration of modern romance and relationships is the following central premise: The one who holds the power is the person who cares the least. And if that’s not bad enough, he says that marriage is nothing more than institutionalized prostitution! Needless to say, Dr. Love has some disagreements with this unusual take on love!
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Dr. Charles Rawlings
Dr. Charles Rawlings was born in Johnson City, Tennessee. He graduated from Duke Medical School in 1982 and subsequently began his neurosurgical residency in 1989 at Duke University Medical Center. While in residency, Charles became fascinated by pain, its substrates, and functional neurosurgery. During his undergraduate and medical school tenure, Dr. Rawlings received multiple honors, including being elected to Phi Beta Kappa and the AOA honor society before completing his residency in 1989. In 2002, Dr. Rawlings graduated law school and turned his attention to helping patients, victims, of medical malpractice. Through his legal work, Dr. Rawlings has gained particular insight into the world of human interaction and especially male/female relationships. His real world experience has been expanded by the practice of law and brought into sharp focus by his children and his divorce. During this time, Charles has penned a multitude of scientific articles, continues to pursue his interest in travel, got married, and became a certified scuba diver, a certification that would deeply affect his subsequent endeavors

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