Tuesday • February 27
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Why Loving Without Limits Is Your Key To Limitless Love
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Do you find yourself empty and yearning for more in life? More money? A bigger house? A better job? A better relationship

Have you noticed that when you finally obtain whatever “it” is you still feel hungry? Could it be that your hunger is actually divine discontent?

What I’m talking about is the universal hunger to feed our soul’s longing for divine love.

Tune in for this week’s show to find out how your relationships are the portal to the divine. And discover how you can use your intimate relationships to foster your soul development. As your soul evolves, you will be amazed to discover how love blossoms in your life!

Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love: Love Without Limits

On today's show, Dr. Turndorf talks about why loving without limits is your key to limitless love! So listen in as she explores the devine mystery of intimate relationships and their true purpose - to act as soil for soul development
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