Monday • June 05
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Are You Chasing Men Away With Your Man-Chasing Ways?
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For millions of women, the task of finding a husband feels more like scaling an insurmountable mountain peak.

In this show, I explain how you can take a permanent rest from climbing the male Mt. Everest!

It is precisely by hanging up those mountaineering boots and abandoning the uphill trek in search of a husband that will effortlessly draw your ideal mate to you!

Tune in as I expose the signs that a woman is over-functioning in her mate selection process. And find out why working too hard at winning a man paradoxically backfires and makes him back away.

Get ready to hang up those hiking boots. And take a breather! Because your hard treks in search of a husband are officially over!

Tune into this week’s show to find out whether you are, indeed, working too hard at winning a man’s heart. If you are, don’t despair. I will show you how to break free of this pattern so you can become the male magnet you were born to be!

Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love: Are You Chasing Men Away?

Do your efforts to find a husband feel more like trying to climb an insurmountable mountain peak? Do you secretly wish for a rest from climbing the male Mount Everest? Listen in to find out if your efforts may actually be pushing men away. And Dr. Love will show you how you can encourage your man to pursue you instead of you chasing him.
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