Tuesday • February 27
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Top 10 Ways To Handle Verbal Abuse
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Does verbal abuse have your relationship by the throat?

Do you secretly fear that you are the victim of verbal abuse?

Are you a verbal abuser, and donít even know it?

To answer whether you are the victim of verbal abuse or an abuser yourself you first need to be clear on what verbal abuse is. After all, you canít diagnose a condition when you donít know its symptoms.

So in this weekís show, Iím going to spell out the symptoms of verbal abuse. Iím also going to show you how to respond if you are the victim of verbal abuse; and, if you are the one who is abusive, Iím going to give you my proven pointers on how to rein in your mouth.

Obviously, there are many kinds of abuse--physical, sexual and verbal. In the end, all forms of abuse boil down to psychological abuse in that they all leave lasting emotional scars. Verbal abuse is, of course, the most insidious form of abuse because it leaves scars that others canít see. But the scars are real and lasting, nevertheless.

Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love: Top 10 Ways To Handle Verbal Abuse

If you are involved with a verbally abusive mate, Dr. Turndorf shares some tips to help you cope. And if you think you may be the one doing the abusing, we share some techniques to help you change your ways. Our listener questions this week also deal with the subject of verbal abuse.
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