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How Can a Woman Spot a Player Before She Gets Played?
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In this edition of Ask Dr. Love Radio Show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf discusses the emotional danger of placing the erotic cart before the emotional horse. Doing so puts a woman at risk of becoming attached to someone who is a player or simply not a good fit. This practice also places a woman at risk of driving a man away.

As Dr. Turndorf explains, ďMany women fall into the trap of thinking that physical intimacy is the way to forge an emotional attachment with a man. But nothing could be farther from the truth. By not being discerning, a woman can actually destroy her chances of forming a relationship. This is because men are biologically driven to choose a partner who they think of as top drawer. Thereís a built-in drive to choose the most desirable mates to insure healthy offspring. So, when a woman behaves in a way that signals lack of selectivity, she is easily misread as hungry, needy or desperate, which signals that she isnít desirable and poisons her chances of forming a relationship with the object of her desire.Ē

Tune in to find out why practicing self-love by setting boundaries for oneself is the key to forming a solid relationship. It is precisely during this time of waiting and watching that a woman is supposed to assess her prospective partnerís capacity to form a relationship and evaluate whether compatibility exists.

Magically, treating oneself with respect and setting boundaries that give a woman time to evaluate a potential partner will not only protect her from emotional harm but also signal the necessary discernment that is needed to spark a manís interest in her for more than a roll in the hay.
Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love: How to spot a Player

Dr. Jamie Turndorf discusses how a woman can distinguish players from the real deal
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