Tuesday • February 27
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Are You Trying to Force a Leopard to Change its Spots?: How to End the Value Conflicts Vexing Your Relationship!
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Are you locked in a value conflict and donít even know it?

If youíre caught in a heated tug of war, banging your mutual heads against the wall, thereís a good chance that a value conflict is afoot.

Unfortunately, many couples fight to the death over value clashes.

Values make up the core of who you are. This means that neither you nor your partner should ever try to change each otherís values.

In this show, weíre going to tackle the thorny topic of value conflicts: how to know if youíre locked in one, and how to navigate your way out and save your relationship without selling out your values.

Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love: Value Conflicts and Your Relationships

In this Ask Dr. Love radio show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf discusses the dangers of value conflicts; and how to resolve them without compromising oneís core values.
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