Monday • December 04
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How To Make Keeping Your Cool Your #1 Relationship Rule
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Did you know that unresolved conflict is the number one killer of love? And did you know that keeping a cool head rather than blowing your top will determine whether you have a productive conversation that leads to a resolution of your issue rather than a dissolution of your relationship. Tune in this week as I share my proven techniques for cooling down the relationship climate, and discover why keeping a cool climate enables you to resolve your issues and preserve your relationships!

Learn how to choose the right moment to talk, how to steer clear of Value Conflicts, how to use my proven Relationship First Aid tools to cool a discussion thatís derailing, and much more.

During my Quickie segment, Iíll also be sharing the latest research on when and how to use humor to head off and resolve conflicts.
Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love: Keeping Your Cool is the Number One Rule

In this Ask Dr. Love show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf reveals how keeping your cool can turn up the heat and increase long term relationship romance and harmony.
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