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Is Too Much Honesty Ruining Your Relationship?
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Do you live according to the adage “honesty is the best policy?”

Have you ever heard yourself justifying harsh words under the guise of “I’m just being honest?”

In this show, I reveal the truth about honesty. I expose the dangers of the honesty is the best policy approach, explaining the little known fact, “simple” honesty, is often the cover story that conceals vented aggression.

While there is short-term gratification in getting “it” off one’s chest, there are long-term destructive consequences associated with this plan of attack. Among other things, those who are on the receiving end of such honesty bombs store up anger and retaliate, creating greater relationship distress.

The only way out is to give up the gratification of short-term release, curb honesty for honesty sake, and instead assert oneself, set limits and state needs using constructive communications that benefit all parties.

Join me for what promises to be an honest to goodness eye opening show!

And of course, please feel free to call with your questions, comments, or personal stories!

Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love : The Truth About Honesty

Dr. Jamie Turndorf exposes the fallacy behind the old adage: honesty is the best policy, explaining that many people use the license to be honest as a way of venting aggression, which is always relationship destructive.
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