Saturday • December 09
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Cat Got Your Tongue?: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Voice
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n this week’s show, we’ll be talking about why women find it so difficult to speak their truth. As a result of “stuffing” what needs to be said, women often fall into a rebound reaction that causes them to blow up over the smallest things--a see-saw effect that wreaks havoc on intimate relationships.

Join me and my guest, Judy Cohen, a leading presentation expert and author of the book Red Hot Presentations, as we discuss why it’s so difficult for women to speak up in an effective, not bitchy way.

I will also be introducing a remarkable teenager named Elani Latsios who is beginning her career as a motivational speaker for teens. I’ll be talking with Elani about her own observations about why today’s young women face tremendous obstacles to self-assertion.

Join me for what I know will be a fascinating show.
Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Voice

Why do women have so much trouble speaking the truth? We look for the answer with our guests Judy Cohen and Elani Latsios
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Judy Cohen
Judy Cohen is a presentation expert, speaker, and certified seminar leader who owns and runs Red Hot Presentations. She has experience on radio, television and the stage. Judy's committed her life to help people learn to speak up and become known as experts in their niche. She is on a quest to empower individuals to find their voice, overcome fear of speaking, and position themselves as an expert in their field through the power of presenting.

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