Tuesday • February 27
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How Understanding Creates Longstanding Love
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Did you know that happy couples are happy because they know how to enter each otherís emotional realities and see the world from the otherís vantage point?

The technical name for this skill is Partial Identification. What this skill entails is keeping one foot on your own side of the emotional fence while at the same time stepping into your partnerís emotional shoes.

No relationship can thrive without this skill.

Unfortunately, in distressed relationships, partners never Partially Identify with each other; instead, they ram their individual realities down each otherís throats...which leads to ringing each otherís necks!

Because Partial Identification is the master key to heading off fights--and creating a solid bond--youíll want to tune in to learn how to master this skill.

And, by the way, this skill will improve all your relationships with friends, family, kids and co-workers.

Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love: Creating Longstanding Love

What is Partial Identification and how can it help you end fights with your mate before they even start? Dr. Turndorf reveals all on this Ask Dr. Love episode!
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