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Are You Ready to Kiss Your Fights Good-bye?
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Are fights ruining your relationship?

Are you on the verge of a breakup because of your fights?

Well, have no fear, Dr. Love is here!

My conflict resolution method is just what the doctor ordered.

In this show, Iím going to talk about the most common fight pattern. Itís called the Demand/Withdraw Negative Escalation Cycle or Husband Withdrawal for short. And, no, Iím not talking about a natural form of birth control!

Husband Withdrawal refers to the way men distance themselves in order to escape conflict.

Unfortunately, the more a more a man withdraws, the angrier his partner gets, which creates more fighting and more Husband Withdrawal. This vicious cycle is the most common fight pattern among couples and the number one cause of relationship conflict, breakups, divorce and domestic violence.

Donít worry. I have developed the first proven method for stopping Husband Withdrawal dead in its tracks.

When guys stop withdrawing, they actually want to stick around and resolve conflicts with you, which is easily achieved using my simple step-by-step conflict resolution method.

Tune in to find out how easy it is to kiss your fights good-bye and say hello to a lifetime of lasting love!

Episode Segments:
Ask Dr. Love: Kiss Your Fights Goodbye

The hard-wired male chemistry of fight-or-flight can turn a small spat into an all out war. But have no fear, Dr. Love is here! Jaime has proven method for conflict resolution which she outlines in her latest book, and on this latest episode.
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