Saturday • April 13
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Autism, Additives, and Malignant Medical Myths
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Dr. Ken Bock discusses his new book on the new childhood epidemics. Next- what's in our children's food, and how it may be affecting their behavior. Plus- Joel Kauffman, Ph.D, author of Malignant Medical Myths - an eye-opening expose and critique of mainstream medicine in the United States.
Episode Segments:
Healthy Talk Radio: Healing the New Childhood Epidemics
Deborah & Dr. Whittaker'talk with Dr. Kenneth Bock about his new book which details the four "A" disorders - Autism, ADHD, Asthma & Allergies.
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Healthy Talk Radio: What's in your Child's food?
Jane Hersey, Executive Director of the Feingold Association joins Deborah to discuss a new study linking food additives and children's behavior.
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Healthy Talk Radio: Malignant Medical Myths
Dr. Joel Kauffman joins Deborah to discuss the health claims and drug claims we hear every day, that are based on altered facts.
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