Saturday • April 13
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Making Informed Medical Decisions
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How can you weight the benefits of medical treatments against the potential side effects? Deborah analyzes the issue. Then, Dr. Julian Whitaker and Deborah discuss the heavy metals that are causing a number of health problems. And author Frank Murray joins Deborah to talk about natural supplements for Diabetes.
Episode Segments:
Healthy Talk Radio: Making a Medical Decision
If you have breast cancer, do you choose chemotherapy, even though it may increase your chance of heart disease? Will you take a prescribed blood thinner if there is a chance of stroke? How do you assess the benefits of the treatments against the risk in order to make medical decisions?
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Healthy Talk Radio: Heavy Metals
Deborah and Dr. Whitaker discuss the heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and arsenic, which are at the root of many medical conditions. Are they the cause of your health problems, how do you diagnose them, what are your treatment options, and which supplements can help you fight them?
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Healthy Talk Radio: Natural Supplements for Diabetes
An estimated 20 million Americans have diabetes. Instead of insulin and other conventional treatments, there are natural options which can help you better manage the disease, and improve your health. Frank Murray, author of Natural Supplements for Diabetes shares some practical and proven health suggestions for type one and type two diabetics.
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