Saturday • April 13
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The Space Doc on Statin Drug Side Effects
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Former NASA doctor and Apollo Astronaut Dr. Duane Graveline joins the program, and has important information on cholesterol-lowering drugs and their potential side effects. In the Womens Health Focus, Deborah discusses the factors that could cause IBS, and the options for treatment, and Dr. Whitaker has some suggestions to help wake up that sluggish thyroid.
Episode Segments:
Healthy Talk Radio: Women's Health Focus
In her weekly focus on Women’s health, Deborah discusses IBS. What factors set the stage for the condition, what are some ancillary causes for it, and most importantly, what are your treatment options
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Healthy Talk Radio: Could it be Your Thyroid?
Dr. Julian Whitaker discusses how you can connect what’s going on with your thyroid with the signs from rest of your body, and how you can reverse a sluggish Thyroid function.
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Healthy Talk Radio: Statin Drug Side Effects
Former Astronaut Dr. Duane Graveline talks about the latest unfolding evidence about the side effects caused by cholesterol lowering medications, and about his book “Statin Drugs: Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol.”
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Duane Graveline
Dr. Graveline was Born and raised in Newport, Vermont. Following graduation from the Vermont College of Medicine in 1955, Dr. Graveline interned at the famed Walter Reed Army Hospital during the time our space pioneers were just beginning to study the medical effects of spaceflight. Becoming a flight surgeon and doing space medical research was almost inevitable to this young doctor with stars in his eyes. Soon came the Today show, international recognition for his research on zero gravity deconditioning , his unique position as medical analyst of the Soviet bioastronautics program, assignment as NASA flight controller and finally, in 1965, his selection as a scientist astronaut. Doctor Graveline is the author of the books, “Lipitor: Thief of Memory” and “Statin Drugs: Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol.”

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