Saturday • June 22
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The Battle Against Junk Food & Obesity
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eborahs guest is MeMe Roth, a regular expert guest on the topics of "Obesity" and "Junk Food" in mass media across the country including FOX News' Bill O'Reilly and Neil Cavuto shows, CNN, MSNBC, Inside Edition, and even a spoof on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. She's known for no-nonsense, politically irreverent, unflinching commentary on America's obesity crisis, and she brings that commentary here to Becoming Thin Within!
Episode Segments:
National Action Against Obesity Founder MeMe Roth
MeMe Roth discusses Americas unhealthy attitude towards sugar and junk food, the family and social patterns that contribute to our obesity epidemic and why she feels obesity is contagious. She has suggestions to help break those patterns, and move our children towards healthier snacks.
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Continuing the Fight
Deborah and Robin discuss the ways they are fighting the obesity epidemic in their own homes, with healthier snacks for their kids. Deborah also shares some troubling statistics about obesity, and has an article on weight loss that may make you say duh.
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Checking Out the Bosu Machine
You may have seen the half-ball better know as the Bosu at the store or at the gym & wondered if it really works. Well Deborah and Robin have tried it out & can tell you all about it. Plus- if you were thinking of trying a new dietary aid or pill dont! Let Deborah try it first!
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
MeMe Roth
MeMe Roth made her career in marketing and public relations--as a VP for Edelman Public Relations, and Ogilvy Public Relations before that. In the nineties during Jack Welch's tenure, Ms. Roth headed up PR for one of the twelve General Electric Companies, GEIS. Over the years, there were stints at Philips Electronics, IBM and a number of Net start-ups. Personally, Ms. Roth comes from a long line of obesity and understands, firsthand, the full health ramifications of and challenges associated with obesity, including maintaining her own healthy weight. Ms. Roth has worked for years attempting to remove junk food from schools and is involved with numerous school lunch improvement projects and legislation as well as serving as a consultant on the documentary films, "Two Angry Moms" about junk food in school and "Killer At Large" about America's obesity crisis. MeMe Roth, married mother of two, earned her degree in Journalism from the Grady College of Journalism, University of Georgia. She's part of the Integrative Nutrition Health Counselor program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University Teachers College. Ms. Roth is a member of myriad industry organizations including Better School Foods, Two Angry Moms,, and the "School Wellness Policy" Committee. Additionally, MeMe Roth was a nominee for the Institute of Medicine Standing Committee on Child Obesity Prevention

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