Sunday • July 21
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Mind Over Matter - Think Thin!
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Episode Segments:
The Science of Perfect Weight
Our guest Melonie Dodaro has coached thousands of people to release weight and found the missing ingredient that is necessary to help people not only achieve their Perfect Weight but maintain it as well. The Mind! Learn more about The Science of Perfect Weight , how she became involved with The Secret's Bob Proctor, and how to change the paradigms that may be controlling your life.
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Breathe, Bloom, Blossom
Many people struggle with their weight loss programs without realizing that is their life style that needs changing the most. AnnaMaria Poluha helps people do just that with her Breathe, Bloom, Blossom program. Learn more about it, as well as some bad habits that may be sabotaging your weight loss program.
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Wrap-Up and Review
Deborah and Robin talk more about Melonie Dodaro/s book and program; Robin discusses how some of the principles Melonie mentioned helped her through a tough time and Deb was almost guilty of using food for reward. Plus - what are Deborah's final thoughts about Hydroxycut?
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Melonie Dodaro
MELONIE DODARO was inspired to write “The Science of Perfect Weight”by the teachings of the mind by Bob Proctor. Having studied with many of the teachers from “The Secret” she was prompted to achieve her goal of helping people reach their weight reduction objectives by aligning herself with Bob Proctor to create the Perfect Weight Program. Her work with these inspirational and talented life coaches motivated her to create the perfect program for weight reduction success by introducing the missing ingredient, the mind. Melonie is an expert in this industry having gained vast knowledge and experience helping thousands of clients during her 10 successful years in the weight loss industry as an owner of several weight loss centers. She has developed a winning program for people from all walks of life to overcome their battle with the bulge. Her words will inspire you to find the path to your Perfect Weight. As you work towards that significant goal you will learn the life lessons the world’s most successful people already have put into practice in their everyday lives.

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Annamaria Poluha
Annamaria Poluha is one of the most successful nutritionists and fitness trainers in the Los Angeles area. At the foundation of BREATHE BLOOM BLOSSOM is her coaching success and wealth of personal experience in the discipline, which has helped more than a thousand local clients lose weight and keep it off. Graduates of the program represent a wide range of lifestyles from teenage girls to moms with newborns, global travelers and top entertainment executives to retired men and women. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, she has lived and worked on four continents. Poluha earned her Bachelor of Arts at UCLA, is certified in nutrition by the International Board of nutrition and Fitness Coaching (IBNFC) and is certified in personal training by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

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