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Talking to Your Overweight Teen: Modeling Slim Behavior
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Deborahs guest, Parenting expert Bob Lancer, teaches parents how forcing children to eat when they express disinterest in food promotes habits that may lead to obesity, and how modeling "slim behavior" leads children to lead healthier lives.
Episode Segments:
Parenting Expert Bob Lancer
Bob Lancer shares the keys to communicating with your teen, and discusses the importance of leading by example, keeping your peace, poise & power, and demonstrating slim behavior.
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Practical Parenting Points
Deborah & Robin review Bob Lancers 37 practical parenting points, and agree with what he has to say, especially when it comes to effectively communicating with your kids. Plus how Robin lost her peace, poise and her power.
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Our Favorite Show
Deb & Robin talk about what happened in the latest episode of the Biggest Loser (and they really miss Caroline).
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Order Parenting With Love At
Learn how to bring our your child's great potential as you maintain your peaceful and loving self-control. Guide your child's behavior without anger, power struggles or stress. Make daily transitions such as mealtime, bedtime, homework and getting ready in the morning positive experiences and smooth routines. Transform your anger into love, your impatience into patience and your insecurity into confidence. Your flexibility in setting a positive example will absolutely eliminate those draining, futile power struggles with your child that simply need not be.

Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Bob Lancer
Since 1980 Bob Lancer has been fol¬lowing his calling and passion as a wis¬dom teacher and author, sharing his insights and inspiration as a public speaker, seminar leader and consultant on is¬sues relating to parenting, marriage, child education, child¬care and personal and professional life-guidance. He quickly became well-known for his successful work with parents and teachers, attracting the attention of local and national media, and having one of his “parenting and child-discipline makeovers” featured in the national magazine Parenting. Since 1996 Bob Lancer has been hosting his own radio show, a parenting show like no other in that it focuses as much on raising ourselves as on the raising of children, with the major theme of counting on love and awareness to guide ourselves in the guiding of children. Called, Bob Lancer’s Parenting Solutions, it airs 2 hours weekly on Atlanta’s WSB Radio and broadcasts to over 35 states as well as streams in real time worldwide over the Internet . Through his radio show, Bob routinely consults with the nation’s leaders in the fields of child behavior, psychology, education, parenting, marriage, health, success and spirituality. e has regularly appeared as the parenting and child discipline expert of WXIA TV (Atlanta’s NBC Affiliate), where he was dubbed, “The Guru of Parent Temper Control,” and he has hosted his own talk show for kids on Radio Disney called, Ask Bob, on which children would discuss with him their problems with their parents. His parenting expertise has been featured on CNN, in the national magazines Parenting, Parent and Child and in local newspapers including the Atlanta Journal & Constitution and the New York Daily News.

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