Saturday • October 16
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The Arguments for and Against the Death Penalty
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This week's edition is Boston Marathon themed show:

First, we'll discuss the closing statements scheduled to begin tomorrow in the Boston Marathon trial and whether forgiveness is possible after such an atrocity. Have we moved more toward a vigilante justice society because people feel as though the justice system has failed us? Or is there room for compassion?

And what about the 2015 marathon finish line kiss seen round the world... now there's compassion for ya! We'll talk about that and answer a few infidelity questions which came in this week.
Episode Segments:
Voice of Reason: The Del
Does Dzhokhar Tsarnaev deserve to die for his crimes? One of the victims family members has asked for mercy, and the defense paints him as a victim as well. But does he deserve any type of forgiveness. Plus - once a cheater, always a cheater? A husband believes his wife may have gone back to her unfaithful ways.
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