Monday • April 15
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Live Long, Live Healthy with Dennis Kravetz
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Dennis Kravetz is a psychologist, physical fitness buff, business consultant, and writer whose lifelong passion has been to study and research how to extend the human lifespan and improve the quality of one's life with a healthy lifestyle. He's the author of eight books, most recently A Sound Mind in a Sound Body: Live Long, Live Healthy
Episode Segments:
The Staying Young Show: Dennis Kravetz

Most people do not realize it but 75-85% of how long they live and how healthy they will be is under their control. But what is a healthy lifestyle? The answer to this and many other questions are found in A Sound Mind in a Sound Body: Live Long, Live Healthy by Dennis Kravetz.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Dennis Kravetz
Dennis Kravetz (aka “Dr. K”) is a psychologist who is both a researcher and practitioner, a rare combination. He would tell you that his primary research in the healthy living area is to “research the research.” That’s because there are thousands of studies coming out each year, and understanding what correlates with living longer requires sifting through both medical and psychology journals, a tedious task. This is necessary because two of the four areas correlating with longevity—cognitive enrichment and psychological states of mind—are more in the domain of psychologists than MDs, though both partner together on all healthy-living research. Dennis is constantly researching what does and does not correlate with how long you live, and he is going to tell you of any changes that occur, unlike some researchers who become extremely knowledgeable in one area but do not look at other areas. He also does unique research examining: (1) how wellness correlates with human productivity, insurance costs, and return on investment for corporations and government agencies; and (2) the financial benefits that result when companies champion healthy living. On the practitioner side, Dennis gives speeches, daylong workshops and one-on-one counseling on healthy living. His work is done both inside large corporations and government agencies as well as a part of conferences. Dennis also counsels individuals on a standalone basis. He advises corporations and government agencies on how to set up, monitor, and evaluate the success of wellness programs. His clients include roughly half of the Fortune 500 such as Abbott Laboratories, Blue Cross Blue Shield, G.E., Northwestern Life, and Southern Company along with federal government agencies such as the U.S. Navy and the Department of Energy.

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