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October 15, 2015

Generation to Generation
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It is extremely important, vital and imperative that for all of us who are the leaders, the purveyors of ourselves and our families, to take a deep look at what is really happening to our society. To review the causations that has taken a negative effect in our world. For example, why has the human race, seemingly locked on to a downward spiral, in the manners in how they treat themselves and how they treat each other. Our populace, world wide, is at tremendous odds with one another, from children, to parents, to heads of organizations, to our world leaders. It seems like everyone is talking but no one is listening; and, furthermore, there has yet to be any positive actions taken particularly in our country, to curtail the outlandish random acts of violence, the constant uptick of racism and other unfair methods taking place in our society today. Generations are suppose to be better than the prior generations by learning from their grandparents and parents mistakes and taking steps to formulate better thinking patterns to pass along to our children. One of the big concerns is that the generation learning pattern has seem to cease among our populace and why is this happening? What role can Professional Mediation play to assist in this topic of discussion? How can we, the grandparents, the parents examine the root causes of generation depletion, in order to rectify and stop the damage that is happening to our society members coming after us. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell (Mental Health Therapist), Sande Roberts (Counselor, Life Skills Coach) and Terri Griffiths (Attorney) for this great discussion.
Episode Segments:
Put It All on the Table: Generation to Generation
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