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September 22, 2016

Love Trumps Hate
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As Hillary Clinton stated in part in her recent speech during the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium, September 16, 2016, …”this Presidential Election feels different, that’s because it is; and, that the next 53 days will shape the next 53 years, of this country.” The concern is, for example, that, during this Presidential campaign, her opposition, has opened up the floor for bigotry and biases in this country; and, that this negativity is being more than spoon fed to a good number of Americans on a daily basis, who already believed in this nasty rhetoric; but, put it in their back pocket. One reason is because; the United States adopted laws that dictated against prejudices and hateful acts towards others. However; because, of the re-introduction of this rhetoric, this has opened up the height of contentiousness in America, that was thought by many to have somewhat died out. We as women are dealing with the bigotry, the biases and contentiousness, as best as possible. We as women, in this great country, are the corner stone of this society. We, as women, are the movers and we are the shakers of this society; however, sometimes, through no fault of our own, we have been caught up in this negative whirlwind of potential defeatism; and, the time is now to do something about it, particularly, women of color. There continues to be issues that women are faced with on a daily basis, like affordable child care, continuing education, acquiring loans to open businesses, healthcare; and, seemingly, more often than not, there is no answer or path way, that is given to help women in need who are seeking quick answers to their problems. Join me and my panel of educated and phenomenal women Terri Griffiths and Michelle Cubas, to discuss the aforementioned and give their thoughts on what they feel will prove to give better results in order to assist the need of the women in our society today, as we continue to shape this country positively, knowing that, Love Trump Hate.
Episode Segments:
Put It All on the Table: Love Trumps Hate
Theresa and her guests Terri Griffiths and Michelle Cubas discuss the Presidential election and the negatives of the Trump campaign.
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