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July 09, 2015

Employment Mediation Have You Noticed...
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With the consistent changes in how individuals view their positions that they hold at their employer, has definitely changed within the last several decades. Employers are experiencing challenges with employees that were not so prevalent “back in the day”, well over a couple of decades ago. Likewise, employees are experiencing difficulty as well with issues that they too did not have to deal with as they are working for their organization. For example, bullying on the job is not talked about much, as of late; however, bullying is still very prominent within today’s organization structure; and, furthermore, bullying combined with malicious gossip and lack of correct management, are at the top of the list that is the causations for a large number of people leaving their employment; and, in the midst of it all, lawsuits are abound because of it. This is where employment mediation can be a big help in assisting organizations to resolve these issues more expeditiously by having a phenomenal Professional Mediator on call. Join me and my guest Reginald Cedric Campbell to discuss this important topic.
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Put It All on the Table: Employment Mediation
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