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July 07, 2016

Will We As a Nation, Ever Learn Part 2
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This is the 2nd part of a 2 part series titled “Will We As A Nation, Ever Learn?” Part 1 aired on June 23, 2016. During this conversation, the discussion will continue to talk about the tragedies that continues to happen in this country and outside of this country due to hatred, is totally off the chain. When these tragedies happen, we the public cry out about it; because, it is so hurtful; and we, the public also voice our opinions about it to our governmental representatives, calling it acts of hate, violence and that laws need to be in place to help curtail the negative confrontational attitudes that seemingly has a grip on our nation. The upcoming 2016 Presidential Election Campaign is heating up particularly on the wake of the Republican National Convention, with a lot of unnecessary negativity, name calling, bullying and wasting tax payers money with investigations that have been satisfied by our governmental officials. Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell for this great discussion.
Episode Segments:
Put It All on the Table: Will We Ever Learn Part 2
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