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May 26, 2016

Fair Housing, Disabled Individual Rights and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
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Some people when hearing the acronym FHA, a/k/a Federal Housing Administration, equate it with the varying programs that are offered for qualification purposes for buying a home. For example, upon purchasing a home, some individuals have questions like, how much is needed for a down payment or what are the requirements for completion of the application or do I need to involve an attorney with this process? Individuals do not realize that the Federal Housing Administration umbrella’s many other important areas that assists in the housing arena, such as helping the disabled in their housing needs and making certain that landlords, are knowledgeable in the laws associated with not only the Federal Housing Administration; but, also the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (a/k/a ADA). Join me and my guests Judy Drickey-Prohow, J.D., who handles all aspects of landlord-tenant issues, as well as any fair housing and employment issues that may arise with her clients, along with Reginald C. Campbell, Mental Health Therapist, who also is involved in making certain that his clients have the correct housing for their needs, for a short term or long term basis.
Episode Segments:
Put It All on the Table: Fair Housing
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