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April 16, 2015

Can Community Gang Related Issues Benefit From Mediation?
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A great number of us have seen the Hollywood produced movies about Jesse James and his Gang, Al Capone, The Godfather; and, more recently The Gangs of New York. In actuality, we do not have to attend a movie theatre to learn about gangs and their activities, as we are experiencing gang violence in its largest form, right here in our beautiful country. Their activity is frequently reported on the daily news programs regarding the outcomes of their activity in our communities. With all of the information this country knows about the aforementioned, particularly in the area of how this can affect our kids, the formulation of gangs in major cities, for example, still continues today. Why after a couple of centuries do they still have so much power, particularly with our youth? Join me and my guest: Reginald C. Campbell and Sande Roberts for an informative, educational and lively discussion.
Episode Segments:
Put It All on the Table: Mediating Gang Related Issues
Is it possible for gang disputes to be resolved through mediation instead of violence? What can be done to break the stranglehold some gangs have on the inner city in certain metro areas like Chicago. We discuss the problem and some potential solutions with our esteemed panel.
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