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February 18, 2015

ENCORE SHOW: Family Mediation, What’s All In It!
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Today’s show is about the constant changes within our family structure in today’s society, like the increase of the divorce rate with children involved, woman having children and not married to the father of the children, the increase of fathers not only being the bread winners; but, also now becoming the overseer of the children in general and Mother’s totally abandoning their children. Family mediation is non-confrontational in nature and progressive. It encourages parties to focus on the future and problem solving strategies rather than the problems of the past. The process is also "child centered" whereby the parties are encouraged to make special provision for the needs of children where the subject parties of such mediations have childcare related issues(wikipedia). Join me and my guest Reginald C. Campbell (Masters Mental Health) as we discuss how our United States Court System is now dealing with making certain that children who are involved in the aforementioned changes within their families, are being dealt the best hand possible through the process of Professional Mediation.
Episode Segments:
Put It All on the Table: Family Mediation
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