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November 25, 2013

The Sounds of Heaven
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We continue our conversation with comparative religion scholar and book reviewer James Bean . This week, we’ll be talking about the sounds and music associated with heaven.
Episode Segments:
NDE Radio: The Sounds of Heaven with James Bean

On this week's edition of IANDS NDE Radio, we continue our discussion with James Bean on our senses and what they will experience on the other side. Many imagine harps and choirs. We will examine the truth of that belief.
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The Yoga Of Sound

The Yoga of Sound — Exploring Sound Meditation (Auditory Mysticism, Surat Shabd Yoga) in the Sacred Texts of the Great World Religions and Gnostic Traditions — Tuning the Cosmic Radio Dial, By James Bean, Copyright October 2004

Music In The Heavens

God so wishes us to return to Him that He keeps calling to us again and again to approach Him. It is due to His sweet holy Voice that our soul is lost in ecstasy and surrenders totally to His will”. (Saint Teresa of Avila)

Enchanted Land

Enchanted Land, A Journey with the Saints of India, by David C. Lane

The Chapter titled, "The Mother", and "The Journey Into Light and Sound