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December 16, 2013

The Inevitable Illusion

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Our guest today on NDE Radio is Leonard Rogers, who drives a cab in Plano, Texas. Leonard, in an interview with Amy Stringer, gave us an account of his NDE in the 2011 Summer issue of Vital Signs, the quarterly newsletter Rhonda and I produce for the International Association for Near-Dear Studies. Last week Leonard sent IANDS an e-mail, which read in part:

My life has been nothing short of miraculous starting at the very young age of three, on up to my present age of 43. My NDE (as it is known) was published in the 30th anniversary edition of the IANDS newsletter Vital Signs. At the time of the interview, as well the present day I have been trying to come to grips with my experience, and what it meant for me personally. Now I feel It is time to share this with whomever may want to hear it. I feel driven to not only comfort those who have lost loved ones but also do my part and whatever I can to end the fear of death itself. Something I personally call the INEVITABLE ILLUSION.

Episode Segments:
NDE Radio: Leonard Rogers

The NDE Leonard experienced was unique. While some will see a flashback of their lives, Leonard, who was a small boy at the time of his NDE, saw what life had in store for him instead.
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