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September 01, 2018

Eating Out
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You are trying to watch your weight, so fast food is out. But what about meals at other types of restaurants? A top nutritionists says most will overfeed you too. Then, modern technology can be a blessing and a curse. A security experts says now hackers can attack you in new and unexpected ways.
Episode Segments:
Eating Out
Most people think of fast food when they imagine the unhealthy effects of eating out. Susan B. Roberts, Ph.D., Director of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston led a study that found that 92 percent of meals from both large-chain and non-chain local restaurants exceeded recommended calorie requirements for a single meal. She explained how to keep tabs on restaurant portion sizes and calorie information. She proposed local legislation to require restaurants to offer partial portions at partial prices.
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Future Crimes
Technology has improved our lives immeasurably, but Marc Goodman law enforcement and counterterrorism expert, author of Future Crimes: Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for Our Connected World said that a new tidal wave of tech advancements—from implantable medical devices to drones to WiFi thermostats—are all susceptible to hacking, with disastrous consequences. He explained some of the greatest concerns for the average consumer and how to attempt to keep devices secure.
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Selling a Home in the Internet Age
Selling a house can be expensive. Sissy Lappin, veteran real estate agent, author of Simple and Sold: Sell Your House Fast and Keep the Commission said that sales commissions typically devour 40-60% of a home seller’s equity. However, she believes that the Internet has made it far easier for a property owner to take control of their own home-selling process and save money. She outlined the basic steps and common pitfalls.
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Guest(s) Appearing on this Episode
Marc Goodman
Marc Goodman is a global strategist, author and consultant focused on the disruptive impact of advancing technologies on security, business and international affairs. Over the past twenty years, he has built his expertise in next generation security threats such as cyber crime, cyber terrorism and information warfare working with organizations such as Interpol, the United Nations, NATO, the Los Angeles Police Department and the U.S. Government. Marc frequently advises industry leaders, security executives and global policy makers on transnational cyber risk and intelligence and has operated in nearly seventy countries around the world.

In addition, Marc founded the Future Crimes Institute to inspire and educate others on the security and risk implications of newly emerging technologies. Marc also serves as the Global Security Advisor and Chair for Policy and Law at Silicon Valley’s Singularity University, a NASA and Google sponsored educational venture dedicated to using advanced science and technology to address humanity’s grand challenges. Marc’s current areas of research include the security implications of exponential technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, the social data revolution, synthetic biology, virtual worlds, genomics, ubiquitous computing and location-based services.

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Sissy Lapin
The founder of Lappin Properties, Sissy runs one of the most successful real estate firms in Houston; her company was recognized by the Houston Business Journal as "#1 in most expensive homes sold." Sissy delivers exceptional, one-to-one personal service and she does it all from one desk, with one laptop.

Though highly respected in her industry, Sissy is considered a renegade because she is a one-man-show and not a large firm. Now Sissy has taken the proven system she used to build her home sales success and has created the innovative ListingDoor process that makes it easy for homeowners to price, list, market, and sell their own homes. From her beginnings in one of the worst real estate markets in recent history, she has successfully consulted and negotiated profitable deals all over the country. Sissy has a wonderful warmth and enthusiasm that translates into her writing. She lives with her husband and two children in Houston, TX.

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